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Cold water paddling

Immersion, Submersion, hypothermia and stability.

Kayakers-more so Seakayakers spend a lot of time and money to be safe on the water. This includes kayak courses, apparrel for kayaking, with trying to eliminate the fear of getting submerged with the known consequences. Before the above topics are discussed it would be a great idea to review our kayak.

By selecting the right kayak for you a lot of the discussion maybe eliminated and certainly reduced.

Kayakers capsize for many reasons. A sudden change in center of gravity will make the kayaker and kayak unstable and cause a capsize. seo analysis This can be caused by several means. I would say that the most often occurrance  would be just relaxing and grabbing something on the back of the kayak. link checker The center of gravity changed and the unit became unstable. The kayaker gets submerged.

There are many other occurances why a kayaker capsizes- inexperience, beyond the know level, boat design, physical endurance, cold, fitness, etc.