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Dipper Harbour, New Brunswick Blog

Red Cliff Trail
Spring has sprung. The birds are migrating and there are about thirthy Song Sparrows, Purple Finches, Cow birds, Crackles, Starlings, one American Gold Finch and not to forget the Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers. The sun was out, he wind was light from a northerly direction and the water was calm. It is going to be high tide at ten this morning. The day looked perfect for a paddle around one of the more treacherous areas of the Bay of Fundy-Point Lepreau. Point Lepreau sticks out into the Bay and when tides are running strong with its ledges water gets bumpy and strong eddy lines are formed. If the wind blows on shore this is amplified for the worse.
The Bay of Fundy water temperature is the coldest right now. The rivers are breaking open and all the ice
flows are floating in the tidal waters. It cools the water considerably
I set off just before ten am from the Eastern Outdoors Adventure Center beach and head out into the mouth of the harbour. Had my ball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes but should have worn my wool hat to keep my ears warm. It was just above zero degrees. Oh well I know it will warm up and my ears wont freeze. I had my camera with me and today would be a good day for a photo shoot on the water. As I paddled around the point of the harbour to head down the coast the water had quite a swell but it looked great. A great feeling to get away from it all!
The sun, water colour, clear sky, waves crashing, lots of ducks, loons, sea pigeons, seal, rugged coast line and cliffs and more made this a day to remember. The highlights were the Harlequin ducks feeding around the crashing waves at Point Lepreau, the Perigrine Falcon flying over head along the cliffs, the Urchin Diver coming up behind my kayak thinking there was a shark over head. The one way trip was twelve kilometers so twenty four kilometers return. I took my time not to have to slug it out paddling against the current and waves coming back. The wind direction had changed and had picked up. The chop was starting to form. Around Point Lepreau reflecting waves were a bit tricky but it turned out just great. Just thinking about this day makes me want to do it again soon. This time I will want to continue to paddle to the Wolve Islands. They are 12knots off shore(22km). May have to camp once I get there.











The Campbell Trail

Walking along the BeachesWalking along the Beaches

On this Good Friday 2015 the weather was perfect. It started out not so nice so paddling was out of the question. Instead a hike on the Campbell Trail became the event. The Trail Head is at the Eastern Outdoors Adventure center in Dipper Harbour. This trail is all coastal and is mostly a deer trail. Hugh Campbell was the first settler in Dipper Harbour and this trail is on the original land grant from King George the Third to Hugh Campbell. He was a loyalist and a Officer in the Highlanders 42nd Regiment. When he settled in Dipper Harbour he made his living as a pilot navigating the merchant ships into the harbour of Saint John.


The Trail has many points of interest. It is within the Stonehammer Geopark and the rock formations

found here are some of the oldest. The view over Dipper Harbour shows two distinct formations-Dipper Harbour East and West. This is a coastal trail on the Bay of Fundy where a hiker can experience a walk on the bottom of the Ocean and do some beach combing, look for sea glass, rocks and Scallop shells. Walking along the trail observe  rugged rock formations, Glacier effects, the Volcanic/ Earthquake folds and Erosion


caused by climate change. Noticeable are the veins of Quarts within the granite. The scenic vistas are breathtaking.  Often fishing boats pass by while fishing Bay of Fundy Lobster or Scallops known for the best tasting  in the world.

The Trail takes about an hour and a half to walk,  if you have a camera the photo ops are galore, and at Seal Lookout see the seals on the ledges,  this will keep you longer on the trail. There are some difficult climbs along the trail just because it is Coastal and rugged because you will want to explore the beaches and gullies.

This rugged, scenic coastal trail is worth the walk.  Please contact Eastern Outdoors for day pass or guided tour.


 Campbell Trail Gallery





First Day of Spring and five feet to go.

This was a great winter for snow and snow shoeing. It seemed like there was a snow storm on a weekly last 5ftlast 5ftbasis. Every time the snow plough came to clear the drive way there would be another snow fall right after. Well this time the snow and wind fell and filled up the drive to it fullest ever this winter. The snow plough came but could not even get ten feet into the drive. It was too much and no place to shove the snow.
The driver recommended to get a front end loader to carry the snow away. Of course none to be had.

The weather was nice and today is the first day of Spring. I believe that I even got a sunburn fromIMG_1201no volunteersIMG_1201no volunteers shovelling all day. We had to take the Bull by the Horn. Just pretend we are getting exersice and this will put us in shape. I know that shovelling snow is hard on the body and does lead to Heart Attacks for many people.

Well I took some pics when the last five feet of snow were left to shovel. Luckily I had one volunteer to attack this big job IMG_1196 almost doneIMG_1196 almost donewhich definitely became a head game whether to finish this or not. It was done finally and a glass of wine was well deserved. I will feel my shoulders tonight but it will be a good feeling. Like always No pain No gain. This post will be good because our customers are curious and one of the questions asked frequently is how much snow do we get here. Well this was a record breaking year and it was over four meters. It works out to over thirteen feet of snow. At least the snow plough can come into the driveway. I can park all the vehicles here again until the snow falls again tonight.-It did and the wind blew a lot of it in again but parked the vehicles on the road so that I am free to go.


Paddling on a nice winter day.  (9 March 2015)

It was a great start with a beautiful red sky on this mornings sunrise.  Only bad thing was my camera was still at the office. By the time I got my Camera the Red Sky was gone.  It looked like a day I should go for a paddle. It was long overdue. The hardest thing was

Prijon HTP Touryak500hvPrijon HTP Touryak500hv

to get the kayak to the beach from the boathouse. Snow shoes came in handy. As paddlers know, getting ready is the hardest thing of the days trip.

The water was calm and the wind was light. The Fundy Tide was on its way up.


Paddling to the mouth of the Harbour I noticed there were a few swells  and I encountered several Eider Ducks and Sea Pigeons. A bald eagle flying overhead added to a great beginning. Lets go to the Dipper Harbour Sea Caves. All part of the Stonehammer Geo Park. I wanted to take some winter pictures and possibly video clips. It turned out great. If it had been high tide I could have paddled to the wall ice and touched the Ice cycles.

ice flowice flow


There was no real ground water running to speak of so no waterfalls to photograph. This will come in the Spring. Especially this year with the amount of snow.

shoreshoreThe beaches showed amazing colours on its rocks, boulders and cliffs. Unfortunately the sun went and overcast was more predominant. The sky started to turn grey. Looked like snow.


The feeling was great. I was by myself finally getting some activity on the water. The winter has been the coldest on record and same went for the IMG_1143dipperIMG_1143dipperamount of snow. Over three meters in total. It was time to paddle and paddling around the rest of the harbour would only take another hour and a half. The Lobster Fishing fleet has been tied up for the winter and will be ready to go again in April.

The Lobster traps are all stored still from the fall fishing and are stored on floating pontoons. Easy to get at for loading when the boats are along side.. These always make foriceformationiceformation colourful and interesting photos. The ice formations vary and I found these as a point of interest.

The Bay of Fundy is known for the best lobster in the world. It takes seven years for a lobster to reach its catchable size of just over a pound. The fisherman during the season sell their catch to the buyers. These middleman sell to the world lobster poundlobster poundmarket. During the season the lobsters are stored/fed in holding devices called Lobster pounds and in Dipper Harbour you will see one of these pounds.  These immense wooden structures require a lot of maintenance and are very labour intense. A new system to replace these pounds is to restrict lobster in holding tanks and sub cool the water to put the Lobster in hibernation. No feeding required. This process can also be seen in Dipper Harbour.

Temperature came up to around zero and as I started headingchangechange back the wind piped up and snow started to fall.

On my return the beach had small breakers and the swell came up to a foot


IMG_0890birdIMG_0890birdor so. Nothing to worry about but just a point that wind can suddenly change your paddling strategy. I was good. The exercise, fresh air, interesting views and wildlife kept the adrenaline going.  A hot shower and dry clothes felt great. I left the kayak at the Beach house so that I can use it on the next fine day. Hopefully tomorrow. The Fundy keeps me hooked. It just is never the same and always challenging.