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Kayak Instruction


Sea Kayaking or White Water Kayaking?
Whether you are looking for an introduction to Sea- Kayaking, White -Water- Kayaking, or for advanced Skills and Guide Training that will take your paddling to the next level, Eastern Outdoors can help. Our team of experienced, professional and dedicated guides will ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience.
Instructing kayaking since 1979 by the standards of the  American Canoe Association(ACA), Paddle Canada, and the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of BC standards, we can provide you with the skills you need to make the most out of your outings!


Paddling Skills 1  Half day $79
An efficient forward stroke and the ability to move your boat around when and where you want it to be,is the main focus of this clinic.

11009093_722526834533867_6209378170599814916_n11009093_722526834533867_6209378170599814916_n Spending the whole time on the water, our instructors will teach you different skills and provide many opportunities for questions and feed-back as the clinic progresses. The propulsion strokes, the turning strokes and balancing techniques, will be covered in this clinic.


Paddling Skills 2  Half day  $79
Once you are more familiar and comfortable with your  kayak, learning the support strokes,edging your kayak, and your hip snap,becomes more important. As you tackle bigger waters and challenge yourself at sea or river, it is important to learn these recovery techniques that will keep you upright! After a brief overview of the paddling strokes, get right down to business and start bracing under the directions of our instructors!

Sea Kayak Safety Clinic  
Full day    $149
Learn how to self rescue, rescue someone else and what to do in an emergency situation. Find out about the safety issues you should be aware of on the water, how your kayak works and what pieces of equipment are required by the Canadian Coast Guard. This hands-on clinic will make you feel safer and more secure on the water, providing you with the basic knowledge you need to handle an upset.

Introduction to Sea Kayaking  
Two day $229
This introduction to Sea kayaking is for the beginner as well as the more experienced. The course covers boat design and equipment required,paddling and rescue techniques including the kayak roll, moving water technique, surf zone landing and surfing, trip planning, basic navigation, safety issues. All equipment is provided.

Introduction to White Water Kayaking  
Two day  $229
The introduction to  white water kayaking is for the beginner as well as the more experienced. The course covers boat design, the rolling technique, reading the rapids and safety in a white water environment. Using a tidal wave for training allows us to cover the topics step by step, throwing you only in what you are ready for and using bigger water to practice reading and analysing the waves. You will learn combination strokes and bracing, eddy turns, wave surfing, and basic rescue techniques. All equipment is provided.


Pool Sessions   $295  Next session- start March 10 or 12/ 2020
In the late Fall , Winter and Spring our pool sessions are held at the Canada Games Aquatic Center inexit from rollexit from roll Saint John. These sessions run 5 weeks, one night a week, in the pool and class room and with a one full outdoors day in the early spring at our Dipper Harbour Adventure Center. These sessions are great for learning the techniques of paddling, rescues, and rolling. The class room time is used for discussions on basic navigation, techniques, boat design, similarities between ww and seakayaking, safety issues, equipment and more.
The coarse will get you ready for summer paddling white water or seakayaking, boat and equipment purchases, and making paddler connections. Equipment purchased during these sessions qualify for discounts and pre season orders.

Learn to Roll  
Full day  $149
Learning the kayak roll is an important skill to develop! Learn the proper and safe technique to recover from upsetting without getting out of your kayak! Our step by step approach will make you more confident in the water and make you understand the mechanics of what needs to happen in order to bring that boat right back around. There are many ways to roll however we prefer to teach the student the C to C roll with or without a paddle.


Seakayak Guide Course-(cost $795) 

The Sea Kayak Guide course is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers interested in leading kayak tours. The topics covered  are the skills and how to instruct these skills, in order to improve the paddler on tour. The second part of the course insists on guiding procedures and etiquette, with a special emphasis on safety issues and rescue techniques, towing techniques, trip planning, group management and risk management.

Private Instruction
We offer private instruction to individuals and groups, focussing on your specific needs. If you would like more information on any of our courses or clinics please feel free to call or e-mail us!