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Kayaks are build for a purpose. These could be for recreational, touring, seakayaking or white water use. Also kayaks are manufactured using various material. Our most popular materials today are kayaks 11021144_719487088171175_874704525564642874_n11021144_719487088171175_874704525564642874_nmade from plastic, Plastic kayaks can be manufactured using a Rotomolding process or Blow Molding process.

Blow Molding process is a more technical process and allows the manufacturer to use a higher thermal plastic. This plastic is more rigid, lighter, repairable, and stronger. These kayaks have less defects.

Prijon HTP Kayaks are the only kayaks that are Blow molded. These kayaks tend to last a long time and take lots of abuse.Kayaks made in this way require volume sales to make production feasible.

In the beginnings kayaks were made out of wood/ canvas and eventually composite kayaks came in place. Kayaks made out of Fiberglass and various epoxy resins and various cloth-Kevlar, graphite where build for a purpose.02453200014256633910245320001425663391

These composite kayaks were made as a one off or as the order came in. These produced kayaks are labour intense and for that reason cost more. They are more fragile but tend to be lighter and more rigid than roto molded kayaks. The composite kayaks have an advantage when it comes to making larger/longer kayaks. Here is were the weight and rigidity really shows but also the price.

HTP blowmolded kayaks for sale