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Rockpool Kayaks


Kayak PreSeason pricing includes Free Shipping within Atlantic Canada to all major centers. Shipping to other centers in Canada-Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto $95. 

Ask for shipping price to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton,Winnipeg,Yellowknife

 Pre--Seasons Pricing
Ends April 30/2020


Composite models  msrp: $4495  Preseason: $3995
standard layup



 All Rockpool kayaks are custom built. If you order, you may customize with any RAL color or colors of your choice  You may add starfish or other graphics and color fades. The location of the front bulkhead may be customized. Many of these options are at NO UPCHARGE, but some may add extra cost.  All Rockpool boats are available in take-apart three-piece versions for an additional charge.  Think one won’t fit in your SUV? Think again.