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Celtic PaddlesCeltic Paddles 

Celtic (Lendal)  Paddles



Celtic paddlesCeltic paddles

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Why have a Celtic Paddle 

By Mike Short

 Celtic Paddles are world-renowned performance kayak paddles being made in Holyhead, Wales.

Whether you're playing in the surf, touring the coast or just out for a day paddle, Celtic Paddles offers the flexibility, performance and reliability that professional paddlers around the world can depend on.

Celtic Paddles offers a unique interchangeable system that allows you to change the blades on the shaft depending on application, but still gives you a solid one piece feel when their Paddlok system puts it all together. The Paddlok system allows the paddles to be finely tuned, assuring a perfect fit and feather for the paddler!

Beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers shouldn't hesitate to let us get the perfect Celtic Paddle into their hands